In today's economy, many individuals are not aware of educational resources concerning the topic of finances. For your convenience, Cash Express has provided a Website dedicated primarily to Financial Literacy. Here you can find many tools and resources to build your knowledge of personal finance.


No matter your age or whether you are a lower, middle, or upper class person, you can find many resources on our Website. Be sure to look at some of the free available tools concerning loan calculators, savings plans, college savings plans, investing, and much more.

Available for download are several resources covering information from credit card basics to credit history and prepaid cards. Be sure to view the resources center for more information.



If you have a young child or are planning to have children in the near future, you may be thinking about a college plan. Everyone deserves an education, so prepare your child or children by setting up a college savings plan.

Retirement approaches individuals fast. Are you prepared? Often, Social Security is not enough. Be sure you are ready and saving for retirement.

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Cash Express Prepaid Debit Cards. We are currently in the process of offering Prepaid Debit Cards to customers.

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