Information for Adults

Automotive - Loan Paymen

Many students begin shopping around for their first vehicle half way throug high school or even college. Use the tool to see what your Auto Loan Payment will be.

Automotive - What Can You Afford?

If you are in the market to shop for a new or used car, please see the calculator to see how much you can afford to spend.


Budgeting For a Baby

Be sure to budget expenses if you are considering having a child.


How Will My Savings Grow?

Do you have a savings account? Use this tool to see how your savings will grow over a period of time.


Allowance For a Child

If you give your young child or children a weekly allowance, use this tool to compare his allowance to what you received as a child.


Holiday Season Budget

That time of the year approaches fast. Use this calculator to budget for all of your gifts.


Emergency Fund

Accidents happen and unexpected expenses seem to come from no where. It is important every individual keeps a small emergency fund. Use this calculator to prepare yourself.


Entertainment Planner

Plan to host a party? Be sure you budget for every expense This calculator will help you with everything you will need.


Gift Log

After planning your budget during the holiday season, use this tool to log all of your gifts for each person.


Tooth Fairy

If you have young children living at home, they will begin to lose teeth if they haven't already. How much should the Tooth Fairy leave them? Use the calculator provided to let her know.


Debt vs. Invest

If you are torn between investing extra income each month or paying off debt, use this calculator to help you decide.


Travel Budget

Are you planning a family trip or vacation? Use the travel budget calculator to check your expenses before you depart.


Inflation Impact on Retirement

To see how inflation will impact your retirement, click "Read More" below to find out. Prices go up each year so make sure you are aware.


Saving for a Goal

Everyone wants to save for something rather than going into debt. Use this tool to see how long it will take for you to save to reach your goal.

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